BBN Tip #5: Satin pillow cases help your skin, not just your hair

Many of us know that a satin pillow case protects natural tresses from breakage and lessens the likelihood of knotted hair, when not tied up at night. Fine coils rub against the friction of cotton, making it more prone to breakage, as the cuticle gets roughed up. Hair can also get caught in between the fibres, thus pulling out the hair.

But. Did you also know...

Satin pillow cases also protect the skin from drying out the way it would with cotton? If you have skin ailements like rosacea, eczema (like me), acne, or just suffer from textured skin, a satin or silk pillowcase is definitely worth investing in.   As a bonus, with satin pillow cases, you won’t get those awful crease lines on your face!

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