BBN Tip #8: Massage your scalp to support hair growth and sleep

First, let me be clear, hair grows. That's what it does. What we need to focus on is preserving the growth we attain every month. When you think your hair isn't growing, more that likely it is, but you are not preserving your hair properly, thus making it easier to break off. So it appears as if it is not growing, when in fact it is. Clearly, there are outliers, but this is true for most cases. 

Increasing blood circulation is vital for all parts of our bodies. Our hair might be dead, but 

the hair ​follicles buried in our scalp are connected to a blood source, and thus alive. The more nourished those follicles are, the better quality hair they produce, and the easier it becomes to preserve that hair. Plus, massaging your scalp at night is a great way to relieve tension and encourage a good night’s sleep.  The body heals and repairs itself while we snooze, so don't sleep on rest!

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