Protective Style Tips for the Beach



I was recently in Jamaica on a family visit. Obviously I had to get my beach on . Two thick goddess braids are the quickest and easiest hair style for when dipping into a pool or the sea. Here are a few tips for protecting your natural hair in the water:

  • Before braiding, use coconut oil to help prevent hygral fatigue, especially if you have highly porous hair like mine. HF is the phenonemon where hair soaks up too much water, which makes it more vulnerable to breakage. Coconut oil is proven to diminish this 'fatigue' on wet hair, making it less likely for hair to break off.

  • Pin up your braid for even more protection. The ends of our hair are most susceptible to damage because they are the oldest and most weathered parts of our hair. Tuck the ends away from the sun. Just remember that if you pile them in the front like I did, in the photo to the right, once they soak up all that water, it will drip down your face! Womp. So, this is not a good style for swimming. Tuck those suckers 'round back.

  • Put a hat or scarf on that head! Even if you protective style your hair, protect your scalp and hair from harmful UV rays when  you're not swimming. 

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