**Due to global supply shortages the 250ml size of Knot-Free Detangler & Loc-It-In Moisture Spray is delayed and thus back in stock in late May. Our apologies for the inconvenience** Our products are designed to work with each other. Now we are providing you with 7 (of 9) items in our hair line as a kit. Now you can have the full Bourn Beautiful Naturals hair experience on wash day and in between. The kit comes in a trial/travel size (55ml-100ml) and full size (250ml*).


Here are the 7 items we have curated for this bundle:


  1.  Moisture Silk Sulfate-Free Shampoo (100 ml, 250ml) This gentle but effective cleanser has a rich, creamy lather that thoroughly cleanses oils and product build-up, and helps detangle, without stripping hair of moisture. Leaves hair feeling smooth, clean and healthy
  2. Avocado Smoothie Conditioner (100 ml, 250ml) Silicone-free food for your curls--like a nutritious green smoothie, but for your hair. Filled with slippery elm extract and fatty alcohols for slip, antioxidants, and hempseed oil for barrier protection and anti-itch properties. Avocado oil absorbs easily into the hair This rinse-off conditioner will effortlessly detangle and leave hair feeling soft, smooth and strong.
  3. Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner (55ml, 250ml) Packed with pure coconut milk, which is rich in vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6. This deep conditioner will nourish hair strands with the proteins from its rich fatty acid profile. It is enriched with shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, pea protein and panthenol to leave hair resilent, but  soft and luxurious.
  4. Leave Me Be Leave-In Conditioner (Silicone-free) (100ml, 250ml ) This lightweight silicone-free conditioner locks moisture into just-cleaned tresses, smoothing the hair cuticle and acting as a protective foundation for styling products to follow. Glycerine-free, coconut oil-free, it is perfect for dry, cold or windy weather conditions and can be used as a daily moisturiser. It also works perfectly with our Curl, Please! Curling Custard.
  5. Curl, Please! Curling Custard (55 ml, 250ml) A whipped curling custard contains coconut milk, aloe Vera, mango butter, organic hemp oil, hibiscus leaf extract and babassu oil. It will moisturize your curls, kinks and curls, setting them in place so they looks they pop and shine. Perfect for twist outs, braid outs or wash and gos. No crunch, no stickiness.
  6. Knot-Free Moisturising Detangler (100 ml, 250ml) Curly and kinky hair need regular moisture. If not, strands can get easily knotted. This spray allows tangles to easily melt from dry hair. Keep your strands supple, silky and nourished with this coconut-oil infused, light spray mist.
  7. Hair Too Balm (55 ml, 100ml) Not your mother’s grease. This nutrient rich blend of coconut, shea, hemp seed and avocado oils and butters will melt into hair strands to seal in the moisture, and give coils a brilliant shine. It washes off easily and won’t leave you sticky. Use after a moisturizing spray, or to give tresses a healthy glow.

Bourn Beautiful Hair Kit

PriceFrom £39.00
  • Name: Melrose I. 

    Purchase Date: 15/6/2018

    Rating: 4/5 

    "I use the range of Bourn Beautiful Hair Products. These products allow my hair to look amazingly healthy, encourage volume and growth. I would recommend these hair products to anyonewho loves their natural hair and want to give it the best hair care. Love your hair, love Bourn Beautiful Products!"



    Name: Imaan W. 

    Purchase Date: 22/4/2018

    Rating: 5/5 

    "Each item works wonders on my hair. I am especially impressed with the hair balm (my hair literally drank it up and love it!). Detangle spray left my hair lovely and soft. Also the shampoo and conditioner both smell amazing and work wondres. Each item helped to briing out my curls naturally. PLUS NO PRODUCT BUILDUP OR FLAKES! twist outs are so good now. Thank you xx."



    Name: Adeola O. 

    Purchase Date: 8/2/2018

    Rating: 4/5 

    "Customer service was AMAZING coulen't ask for more. All my questtions were answered and I didn't feel like an irritation. 


    Fave products were the Moisture Silk shampoo, the Curl Please curling custard and the Hair Too Balm. I have 4c low porosity hair. 


    The other products were all o for me but all had the same issue which was not enough slip. I got an amazing twist out from the products but getting there required more effort due to the lack of slip especially in the deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner."



    Name: daejah p. 

    Purchase Date: 22/2/2018

    Rating: 5/5 

    "LOVE! keeps hair moisturized, not greasy at all. everything smells amazing def will be ordering more kits!"



    Name: Lavina B. 

    Purchase Date: 1/2/2018

    Rating: 5/5

    "This kit is amazing!! It allows you to tryball of the products, which smell amazing and are so good for your hair! will definitely be buying again." 

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