Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain 
I made a purchase with you a few months ago and would like to place another order, but I can see that my country is no longer available. What can I do?

The restriction to certain EU  countries is temporary, due to Brexit and the end of the transition period. We had a commercial parcel turned away at customs and some carriers have temporarily suspended affordable service to Spain (and a few other countries).


This is because Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc have additional customs restrictions for cosmetics, whereas other European countries do not. So, once the freight companies have smoothed out their service to Spain, and other places and we can be sure our parcels will get there, we will resume service to individual customers, or use Royal Mail service only.


We anticipate that by March this will all be sorted.


In the meantime, we are finalising plans with an EU distributor to get our products to retailers in Spain and other European customers.


We hope you understand and thank you for loving our products. With patience, you will have them again soon.